Mac & Wild

This Scottish restaurant is definitely not for the veggies, but an ideal hide out if you’re partial to shot guns, whisky or anything wild. With a permanent restaurant in Fitzrovia, Mac & Wild have opened a winter pop-up in Devonshire Square in the City with its own gun room if you fancy some virtual shooting in the Highlands!

Wild venison and game feature heavily on the menu and the waiter did an impressive sales pitch from the off, “you’ll need at least three visits- one for the famous Veni-Moo burger, another for the pheasant and a last one for the chateaubriand!” There’s also a curious selection of “Wee Plates” including haggis pops, a venison Scotch egg and beer sticks (aka posh Peperamis).


We decided to go all out with the £13/100g beef chateaubriand, but it took us a little while to notice the available weights written on a mirror on one side of the restaurant and the smaller cuts had already sold out during our menu mulling! The pressure was on! Our waiter suggested 750g between three would be enough, so we rushed him over to cross off the last of the smaller weights, giving us a 760g portion.

While the venison Scotch egg was a great start to the meal with a super crispy shell and runny yolk, the chateaubriand was sadly average at best. From when it arrived to the table, I could see the specks of gristle throughout and it really wasn’t as I expected, especially for such a premium cut of beef. It paled in comparison to the last chateaubriand I had at Bob Bob Ricard and honestly, I’ve enjoyed a home-cooked rib eye a lot more! The other disappointment were the hand-cut chips, which were tasty, but served in peculiar portions… it looked as though the waiter may have stolen a handful before serving them! The bone marrow gravy (served in the BEST cow gravy boat), on the other hand, was rich and syrupy, a plus point on the main and definitely the sauce of choice!

I would go back for the Scotch egg and maybe to try the pheasant, but I wouldn’t recommend this as a steak place.

Area: The City
Rating: 3.2 / 5.0

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