Dirty Bones

A group of us stumbled across Dirty Bones one evening during a mild panic to escape the bustling bottom floor of Kingly Court in Soho, our logic – people won’t bother to climb three flights of stairs….and we were right! They managed to seat all seven of us comfortably in a leather booth surrounded by books and random vintage paraphernalia and I was mega excited for all the New York comfort food I was about to demolish.

We shared a couple portions of hot wings (£6.50 each) to start:


Followed by most of the ‘Bones’ options…

Flat Iron (£13)


Beef Short Rib (£15) – Salted caramel & burnt onion BBQ sauce, crispy shallots, spring onion


Baby Back Ribs (£10) – Crispy pork ribs, sweet miso & pomegranate glaze


With some mac & cheese (£6.50), skinny fries (£4) and collard greens (£4) sides.

We finished with the Banana Toblerone-tella Waffles (£7.50) – Caramelised banana, toblerone-tella, blueberry jam, salted peanut butter gelato and crushed nuts on a freshly baked waffle


I really wanted to love this place, but sadly it fell short in almost every way. The flat iron was mediocre and definitely not melt in the mouth for such a marbled cut of meat and the baby back ribs were tough and gristly. I wasn’t sold on the miso and pomegranate glaze either as it overpowered the meat. The beef short rib on the other hand, was tender and probably the best part of the meal along with the mac & cheese, but for £6.50, the mac & cheese would have to have been nothing less than delicious!

One major observation I cannot ignore, were the wildly inconsistent portion sizes. The photos above were the largest portions served to us and I sadly didn’t get photos of the smaller ones, but it was bone roulette…some of our group were served noticeably smaller portions (and I mean half the size of others for some) of beef short rib and baby back ribs. I understand that cows and pigs come in all shapes and sizes, but if they are paying the same price, you should be serving similar portion sizes! The collard greens were also tiny, barely half filling the tins they were served in!

Lastly, what was the toblerone-tella?! We excitingly ordered the waffles solely on the expectation of something containing toblerone, but it must have been masquerading as a basic chocolate sauce! Throw in some slow service and a forgotten side dish and we have quite a disappointing restaurant!

Area: Soho
Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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