Yotam Ottolenghi is the man behind the Ottolenghi brand, all about freshly prepared food, free from any colouring or preservatives. Since opening his first deli in 2002, he now has restaurants and delis all over London, including Nopi on Warwick Street in Soho. You can instantly tell you’re in an Ottolenghi with their bright white and clean interiors and trademark arrangements of luscious looking salads and pastries at the entrance. So appealing that a restaurant, Ethos, in Dublin has quite flatteringly taken most (if not all) their design influence from Ottolenghi!


The two levels of Nopi are a little different, with the upstairs feeling a bit more formal compared to the communal dining area downstairs. We sat downstairs at one of the two huge marble tables with a view of the chefs busy in the kitchen and conveniently, everyone else’s dishes! We spied the popular dishes and ordered:

Burrata, clementine, coriander seeds, lavender honey £12.90


Roasted aubergine, almond yoghurt, pickled chilli £9.50


Venison, caramelised yoghurt, peanuts, blackberries £14.90


Sea bream, celeriac, spiced cauliflower £12.90


Spiced buttermilk cod, urid dhal, cavolo nero £13.90


Pearl barley and malt ice cream, chocolate soil, date fudge £8.50


Most of the dishes were beautifully presented, fresh and delicious, especially the clementine with burrata, but sadly, the spiced buttermilk cod was disappointing. Although, probably the most stunning looking dish, the cod was actually chewy and quite unpalatable, which was a shame as the accompanying urid dhal was a delight!

The first few bites of the barley-malt-choc-date fudge were quite interesting, but I got bored quite swiftly and we left about half the dish. For a £8.50 dessert, I expected something a bit moreish, but the combination was underwhelming overall.

The service the whole evening was impeccable and the waitress took the cod off the bill straight away with apologies, which was appreciated! I would certainly recommend Nopi to people as it has some gorgeous dishes and a great atmosphere and I would go back again myself to taste the rest of the menu!

Area: Soho
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0



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