Big Apple Brixton


Winter’s rolled in and Brixton Rooftop have ditched the sandcastles for a 1970s New York City and the place looks unrecognisable! The whole roof’s been decked out like a mishmash of NYC boroughs with Manhattan’s Times Square amid dance halls of The Bronx. There’s bars (Brixton Apollo, Club Rapture, Coldharbour Café), a night club (Le Freak) and stalls offering classic American fare:

Mac to the Future – all things mac n cheese, including a Marty McFly mac n cheese sour dough toastie.

Grandmaster Slice – NYC style pizza.

Burger Bear – renowned beef burgers, but no fries on offer!

Plucky’s Chicken and Halloumi Nuggets – buttermilk fried chicken and halloumi.


I felt like Adam Richman after ordering the Mega Chicken Stack burger (£10) – double fried chicken, bacon, cheese, gem lettuce, red pepper mayo, onion and tomato with fries from Plucky’s! The chicken was crispy, juicy and moreish but food won as I had to abandon the last layer of bread and some of the bacon, which was a little tough. It hit the hunger spot, but the service was far from fast (and slightly unwelcoming…) especially for a quieter evening.


Despite my sceptisicism over cocktails at pop-ups and their lack of actual booze, I ordered the Winter Spritz, a mix of Plymouth gin with pomegranate & spiced pear, charged with Prosecco…it was DELICIOUS, festively boozy and reasonably priced at £8. However, I spent the rest of the evening on the mulled cider (£7) to keep warm as the makeshift roof, though keeping the rain out, let the cold in and I couldn’t feel my feet by the end of the night!

I’d head back to Big Apple with a group of friends, a few more layers and on a busier weekend evening.

Area: Brixton
Rating: 3.4 / 5.0


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