Silent Disco at The View from The Shard

The last silent disco I remember going to before this was one of my last nights at uni, in a club renowned for its ridiculously sticky floors, so I may have quite a limited frame of reference. Nevertheless, panoramic views of London, drinks, dancing and your pick of three DJs was just a winning combination and this was probably one of the best organised and unique silent disco experiences.

I loved that each headphone channel had its own colour corresponding to a DJ and that the three DJs were lined up next to each other battling it out for dance floor domination! There was a mix of music styles and I was never disappointed-  there was always a tune I liked from at least one DJ at any given time.

Cocktails were £8.50, spirits & mixers £7.50 and beers £5, so pretty standard prices for central London, but sadly, the bars weren’t allowed to serve any shots! A ticket will set you back £37.50, which does sound a little exorbitant, but if you take into account that an advanced ticket to The View in general would cost £25.95, £11.55 isn’t so bad for a guaranteed evening of fun!

N.B. they close access to toilets on the disco floors near the end (2 am), so you can only use the facilities on the ground floor and cannot return to the disco after!

Area: London Bridge
4.5 / 5.0



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