L’atelier des Chefs – Spanish Class

Cookery classes are the dream set-up for people who love to cook…ingredients are all measured and laid out for you, the best utensils are at your disposal and you do none of the clean up! Since I’ve still yet to make my TV chef fantasy quite materialise, I do receive quite a lot of cookery school vouchers as presents and have done L’atelier des Chefs Marvellous Macaroons class and very recently their Spanish class.

In the 90 minute class, we cooked a feast of patatas bravas, croquetas jamon, calamares al ajillo and seafood paella, which were then served at a banquet table for us. There were lovely ladies attentively bringing over drinks orders throughout the class, which made the whole experience very relaxed and I even left with some boxed up paella and croquetas! This is definitely one of my favourite cookery schools in London. It’s well-organised, the Chef knows his stuff and they use good quality ingredients, i.e. their seafood was from Billingsgate!

Area: St. Paul’s
4.6 / 5.0



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