The Four Thieves

I didn’t know this ‘pubcade’ existed until a friend mentioned a full-on mini motor circuit at the top of a pub in Battersea. The Four Thieves opened a couple years ago and puts your traditional dart boards and pool tables to shame with mini golf, street fighter, table football and best of all, mini motor racing!


Pay £3, get yourself a license and queue up to race against 9 others, it really was the most chilled games arrangement. One tip I will offer though, do not use your real name…“and in last place, we have…Annabel!” Oh the shame, my mini motoring debut was not such a success, I was lapped several times and resorted to reversing my way around the track until an onlooker took pity and reset my car the right way round!


Luckily, as a split level pub, I escaped my embarrassment on the dim lit dancefloor downstairs after a couple shots of café Patrón! There’s plenty of bars around the place, so I never had to wait long to be served, but that could also be that it wasn’t a particularly heaving Saturday night (yet, we had to queue when we arrived after 11pm).


There seems to be so many things going on at The Four Thieves weekly. I’ll be heading back for bottomless brunch for £30pp, quiz night and their intriguing immersive game, Lady Chastity’s Reserve (oh and if you roll a 6 on lucky Wednesday, your dinner is free!)

Area: Battersea
4.1 / 5.0


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