I love the background of this restaurant…an offshoot of Notting Hill’s The Shed restaurant, Rabbit was created by a sibling trio, the Gladwin bros, who grew up on a farm in West Sussex. The ingredients are mostly foraged from their farm in Nutbourne, which makes for a seasonal menu of small plates.

Rabbit (4)

Walking into Rabbit on King’s Road, it’s hard not to just stare at the walls and ceiling, purely for the random rustic décor – tractor door on the wall, tractor bonnet hanging from the ceiling, corrugated metal panels and an abundance of wooden fixtures that looked freshly lumberjacked. I was already enjoying my visit and I hadn’t even ordered!

Rabbit (7)

We went for a selection of 4 dishes:

Bacon Jam Doughnut, Confit Egg (£7.50)

Rabbit (15)

Brown Crab, Squid Ink Linguine, Tomatoes & Golden Garlic (£10)

Rabbit (18)

Rye Bay Scallop, Three Cornered Garlic Butter (£6 per scallop)

Rabbit (17)

Wood Pigeon, Rainbow Carrot Tarte Tartin, Mousseron Mushroom, wild Asparagus (£15)

Rabbit (3)

Then the waitress recommended us to add the 48 Hour Proved Wild Yeast Bread served with Shallot Butter (£2.50) to soak up the scallop juices:

Rabbit (12)

The dishes all looked beautiful and I really wanted to love each dish, but sadly, the scallop was the only saving grace of the whole lunch, seasoned and cooked well. The shallot butter, unfortunately lacked flavour, the doughnut was cold, overpowered by the intense bacon jam and rather heavy (I couldn’t appreciate the confit egg at all) and the linguine overall as a dish wasn’t very pleasant with the dressing completely masking the delicate crab flavours. Lastly, though the wood pigeon was cooked perfectly and went deliciously with the mushrooms, the rainbow carrot tarte tartin was burnt and tasted as though it had been already cooked once and was re-heated in the oven and served to us!

In conclusion, I spent over £50 with no alcohol for a lunch for two where we both only really enjoyed one dish, disappointing.

Area: Chelsea
Rating: 2.3

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  1. I love how it looks! I need to try it next time I’m around there! x

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com


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