Pergola on the Roof

Pergola on the roof, as the name suggests, is an upscale type of gazebo that’s covered in an array of climbing plants and flowers on the roof of The Television Centre in West London. It’s an ideal summer pop-up (if summer decides to turn up anytime soon…) serving drinks and food from four popular London restaurants, Rabbit, Salt Yard, Patty & Bun and Lecoq. The white stones, mosaic bar and pastel benches honestly make you feel abroad in some Mediterranean heaven, a perfect place to eat, play some boules and watch the sun set on a clear evening!

Pergola (1) Pergola (3)Having already eaten at Patty & Bun and Rabbit before, I chose from Salt Yard:

-Charcoal Grilled Dry Aged Beef Bocadillo with Aged Manchego, Charred Gem, Alioli and Onion Marmalade (£10)

Pergola (6)

-Grilled Spicy Chorizo and Piquillo Pepper Roll with Wild Rocket and Alioli (£8)

Pergola (7)

And from Lecoq (over separate visits!):

-Pork Belly Brioche served with Crackling, Pickles & Apple Puree (£8)

-Coq-Fat Chips with Scratchings (£4)

Pergola (4)

The pork belly brioche and chips came in very generous portions and were assembled with real precision by the Lecoq chefs. The bun was juicy and delicious, but as expected from pork belly, noticeably fatty! If you fancy something a bit leaner, I’d recommend the beef bocadillo, which was full of smoky goodness and alioli!

While I enjoyed the smell of barbecued beef and rotisserie chicken around the pergola, I noticed that only Salt Yard and Rabbit had a selection of vegetarian dishes as Patty & Bun’s Portobello mushroom burger had already sold out when we arrived around 7pm! A little disappointing for my veggie friend as the options left were mainly salad based!

The pergola is a real beauty, but sadly, I can only give it 2.9 out of 5 because it was completely let down by the bar service. I can’t speak for those with table service, but the queues for the bar were unrelenting and absolutely ridiculous…I didn’t quite expect to spend most of my Saturday evening queuing for drinks!! With a relatively small drinks menu, the cocktails were definitely causing the delay, so why oh why did they not have a bottle bar? We queued for around an hour for drinks, which just dampened the whole experience, so maybe go on a work night and make sure you book table/bed service!

Area: Shepherd’s Bush
Rating: 2.9 / 5.0

Pergola (9)

Pergola (2)

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