Goosebumps Alive

It’s the 90’s…I’ve come home from school mentally prepared for a spooky marathon of Eerie, Indiana, Are You Afraid of the Dark? And of course, R.L. Stine’s, GOOSEBUMPS! Fast forward to April 6th 2016 and a creative team including the designers who brought Alice’s Adventures Underground and Gingerline to London have transformed The Vaults under Waterloo into a maze of haunting sets to bring alive extracts from six original Goosebumps books, including The Haunted Mask and Night of the Living Dummy!

I promise no spoilers, but I will say that this was one of the best immersive theatre productions I have been to! The sets and costumes were outstanding and the actors, special effects, smells and music kept you on your toes throughout the 90-minute production. Expect genuine screams, pounding hearts, as well as, laughter and the possibility of ending up on all fours! Tickets start from £34 (including booking fee) here and there is a bar that serves booze, burgers and toasties for before or after the show. I would actually recommend this as a slightly controversial date activity, I’d definitely be impressed if a gentleman booked us tickets!

Area: Waterloo
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Goosebumps Alive (4)

Goosebumps Alive (1)




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