Melt Room

This place must emit some form of inaudible siren call, because one evening, despite having eaten a full and satisfying dinner elsewhere, a friend and I found ourselves in Melt Room sharing The Classic melt, instead of the bar we were aiming for. We’ve since been back to try the BBQ Chicken and Slow & Low Lamb Shoulder and the crunchy sourdough- bubbling cheese combination is consistently good…for every meal and as a cheese board alternative!

Yes, you could make yourself a melt on the trusty George Foreman at home, but Andrey Datsenko, through his love and addiction to NYC grilled cheese toasties, created a café dedicated to them and “it never melt so good…” There’s even a Nutella & Mascarpone melt for the sweet-toothed! I truly believe this place has the potential to become a Soho institution.

Area: Soho
Rating: 4.3 / 5.0



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