Selfridges’ latest rooftop pop-up is a fairy-lit autumn forest offering hot cocktails and hearty fare until late April 2016. A friend recently chose this spot for her birthday (having enjoyed Des McDonald’s previous concept, On the Roof with Vintage Salt during summer) and it was the perfect place to celebrate and unwind.

After a little nose around the handbags, we took the express lift to the roof and immediately forgot we were in a department store at the sight of a large bright Christmas tree and stunning corridor lined with arched branches, logs, candles and hundreds of fairy lights! We had a late reservation, but the hostess promised to try and get us a table sooner, so we grabbed a table outside by a heater and cosied up with blankets and mugs of mulled wine. There were also hot ‘choctails’ (hot chocolate laced with liqueurs including gingerbread, cinnamon and white chocolate), cold cocktails, wine and other usual drinks. The view wasn’t particularly great sat down, but we enjoyed the spell of fresh air…well, until we got cold and hungry!

The service was friendly and fast and we ordered the wild Highland Roe deer fillet medium rare covered in sour cherries on a bed of kale and bashed neeps, Isle of Mull scallops with creamed potato and crispy haggis, the roast Banham chicken served with truffle green beans and new forest mushrooms, a side of truffle chips and a bottle of house white wine.

As expected, the deer had a few gristly parts, but was cooked very well – pink in the middle, well-seasoned and more flavourful than a comparable fillet of beef. The generous dolloping of sour cherry sauce (with whole cherries) surprisingly didn’t mask the deer and really made it a complete dish, I completely appreciate the Russians’ love of sour cherries now! The truffle chips were extra crispy and the house white was delicious without even the slightest whiff of vinegar! We shared the steamed treacle sponge to finish, which was served in a rich and creamy vanilla custard-so good!

Area: Mayfair
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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  1. This looks so beautiful! I wish I could go there…

    Zoel Hernández |


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