I ate at Ducksoup on a pouring Monday evening with a friend. There was no wait and I was grateful for the shelter. After relaxing into our seats at the bar, I started to really appreciate the casual design of the restaurant. It definitely has a downtown New York feel. We shared a number of dishes including labneh under oil & herbs (yoghurt cheese), chilli prawns and chanterelle linguine that had a perfectly placed egg yolk on top to compliment the eggy Parmesan carbonara-esque sauce. The prawns were juicy, packed with flavour and pulled away easily from the shell…it was all fresh and moreish.

The restaurant bases its dishes on seasonal ingredients and menus change frequently. Most of what we had were specials, though I have yet to see them return to the menu, which is a shame. Apart from two negatives – A) being charged for bread to accompany the labneh (not sure who eats a mini bowl of cheese and oil on its own!) and B) difficulty reading the handwritten menus (luckily the barman was helping decipher) – I would recommend this restaurant, as the food was superb.

Area: Soho
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0


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  1. Looks quite nice, I’ll probably go there the next time I go to London x


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