Rudy’s Bar & Grill

I absolutely LOVE this dive bar and can’t count the amount of times I stopped in for a Rudy’s Blonde and free hot dogs when I lived in NYC- if you visited me, I most likely dragged you here! This unpretentious, cash only bar serves delicious cheap beers, pickle backs and liquor that come with free hot dogs. I’ll never forget a friend presenting me with a pyramid of hotdogs on a paper plate after one too many Dirty Shirleys on my birthday!


It’s one of the oldest bars in NYC, receiving one of the first liquor licenses at the end of prohibition in 1933, so expect a lot of history and a six-foot pig as opposed to glamour when you visit. Alongside bright red vinyl booths, the original mahogany bar and a jukebox, there is a backyard (ahem, beer garden) with patio heaters and a huge screen to watch live sport. This place should not be missed!

Area: Midtown West
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Rudys (1) Rudys (3) Rudys(4)


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