128 metres above street level, East met West at Ting on the 35th floor of the Shard and it was a beautiful fusion! I’ll caveat now that this is solely based on their afternoon tea, but that’s a lunch and dinner in itself, right? We happily watched day turn into night from 2-6pm with incredible views of St Paul’s, The Gherkin, Tower Bridge and other London landmarks from our window table.

     Ting (2)  Ting (1)  Ting (3)

Ting gives you everything you want from an afternoon tea – cosy seats, unrestricted time, excellent service, refillable food, the option to change teas and most importantly, the choice between an English or Asian inspired afternoon tea. The English, as expected, had traditional sandwiches, scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and a selection of pastries including cheesecake, macarons and mousse. Everything was fresh and flavourful, yet, the Asian inspired was the resounding favourite. It still had the three tiers of savoury, scones and sweet, but instead of sandwiches, there were popular Asian savouries like gyoza and steamed prawn dumplings, mango jam replaced the strawberry and the sweets all had an Asian twist including a Chinese-style egg custard tart and matcha green tea roulade.

            Ting(5) Ting(7)

The prices are comparable to afternoon teas at other luxury hotels like The Dorchester and The Ritz, but with the addition of stunning views of London, definitely worth a visit.

Area: London Bridge
4.7 / 5.0

          Ting(6) Ting(8)


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  1. Looks fab, what a treat! I had dinner at Ting last week, the tasting menu was divine x


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