Roux at the Landau

Best known as the restaurant formed from the first collaboration between father and son Albert Roux and Michel Roux Jr, Roux at the Landau is located in The Langham Hotel and is one of the trio of Roux restaurants in London alongside La Gavroche and Roux at Parliament Square.

As part of the recent London Restaurant Festival (1-31 October), Roux at the Landau offered an unbeatable deal of 3 courses including half a bottle of wine, coffee and petits fours for £45 and my sister managed to get us a Thursday evening reservation.

Even though a few of us were rather late, we never felt rushed and the service didn’t falter throughout the meal. We were served amuse-bouches to start and even though the waitress didn’t know what type of cheese was used in them, she went to check and returned with some fresh pregnant-lady safe ones for my sister…an excellent start to the meal!

                           Roux (5) Roux (1)

We tasted every dish on the deal menu between us- all deliciously rich, in generous portion sizes and simply presented on white plates. The addition of crispy seaweed made the sea bass a winner for me and the duck, rabbit & black pudding terrine and cauliflower soup were close favourites behind it. I was happily surprised by the quality of wine included, as I half expected a generic house white or red, but was offered Grenache Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon from Languedoc, France.

Roux (9) Roux (12) Roux (7)

                           Roux (2) Roux (6)

We spotted the impressive cheeseboard as soon as we arrived, so there was no question of my dessert choice. I picked my favourites including stilton and goat’s cheese, which were served with a chutney, quince jelly, crackers and celery. Initially, I was a little disappointed with the portion size, but that turned out to be my eyes bigger than belly mind set, as I was definitely stuffed afterwards! We finished with coffees and mini chocolate éclair petit fours, which was a lovely end to the meal.

         Roux (14) Roux (15)

As expected from a luxury hotel, the dining room was very grand – high ceilings, large chandeliers, floor to ceiling windows and elegant wood panelling with large spot lit paintings. It had a distinctive oval shape and everything was symmetrical and flawlessly presented. Though it didn’t quite have the same breath-taking effect as Berners Tavern (a comparable hotel restaurant in Fitzrovia), it was very beautiful and would recommend it for a special treat!

Area: Marylebone
Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Roux (4)

Roux (16)

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