With its unassuming shop front in Soho (white text on a black background), it might be easy to miss this doughnut & coffee bar, but a tactical row of shiny and colourful doughnuts in the window are just enough to draw you in! I was pleased to find Crosstown open after dinner one Saturday as I needed to satisfy my sweet craving (and doughnut addiction). There were only two options left at that time, but luckily one of them was Matcha Tea, a top pick of mine. It was large with a good ratio of frosting to dough and didn’t feel as oily as doughnuts typically do. I found out this was because they are made from a ‘hybrid’ sourdough that absorbs less fat when deep-fried and they contain no trans fats- excellent news! The Matcha Tea flavour was very subtle and possibly overpowered by the Tongan vanilla bean glaze that it was mixed with, but it was delicious nonetheless.

I have returned during the day to find them fully stocked with a range of classics like raspberry jam and Belgian chocolate and a premium variety including sea salt caramel & banana cream, crème brûlée and peanut butter and berry (try the crème brûlée if you don’t mind a bit of caramel stuck to the teeth!) It’s minimalist, clean and their trays of doughnuts are so perfectly laid out, they’re worthy of a place in a Sylvanian families bakery- a lovely spot for a flat white and a doughnut to boost your day.

Area: Soho
Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

                            Crosstown (1) Crosstown (2)

Crosstown (4)

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