I think most people might associate Clapham Common with evenings full of excessive drinking with the fresh out of uni crowd, crawling from Bison and Bird to Infernos or Venn Street Records to Café Sol, but hidden amongst the abundance of bars is Wine and Charcuterie, a 100 year old converted water closet underneath Clapham Common tube station.

As a seasoned Clapham Commoner, I’d planned to start an evening with cocktails at WC, but with such a small capacity, this didn’t quite pan out. I decided to go for a casual late afternoon drink another Saturday instead and I actually preferred it. There was no queuing, we managed to get a whole booth to ourselves as it wasn’t overly busy and the waiters were lively and attentive.

I tried a couple of cocktails from their minimalist menu – a vanilla and olive oil gin fizz and a WC espresso martini, both delicious and I really enjoyed relaxing beneath street level in a candlelit booth. The wine list had a good range and we were very tempted by the food menu, but had to resist as we were still full from Borough Market earlier that day.

The place is truly unique and full of character, with drain grates in the ceiling open to the street, original blue and white tiles and velvet drapes. It really is a fantastic snug place for drinks and nibbles and I will definitely return to try the charcuterie!

Area: Clapham Common
4.0 / 5.0

                          WC2 WC3

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