After tasting some of the best Latin food whilst working in Miami (Aromas del Perú I’ll never forget your ceviche!) I returned to London on the hunt for a worthy Peruvian restaurant. Lima, having been awarded 1 Michelin Star since opening in July 2012, was at the top of my list and swiftly became my favourite Peruvian restaurant.

The restaurant itself is modern and full of character, with the main dining room decorated with large mirrors, colourful artwork and a skylight roof, letting in heaps of natural light. The tables are well spaced apart, even though the place isn’t huge (split over two floors) and the service was flawless- they explained the different ingredients of each dish as they served them.

We shared a variety of dishes from their menu – tuna Nikkei ceviche (yellowfin tuna with samphire and radish), octopus olivo (octopus, white quinoa and botija olives), beef Pachamanca (served with wild black quinoa, cusco corn, cow’s milk and aji panca juice), organic roasted lamb rump (served with yellow potato, Andean mint and queso fresco) and cacao porcelana Piura (with cinnamon cream and blue potato) to finish.

All the savoury dishes were incredible looking and tasting. The tuna ceviche was tangy and fresh, octopus was expertly braised and complimented the bright purple drops of olive puree and both meat dishes were tender, packed with flavour and just worked well with the other ingredients! The only dish I wasn’t completely sold on was the chocolate mousse. It was definitely the most unique looking dessert, however, I wasn’t too sure on the mix of textures- the dehydrated blue potato was an interesting addition, but the pieces were just a little too hard to crunch.

I have been recommended other Peruvian places to try, such as Andina, but for now Lima is my favourite and I would definitely suggest going for a special treat.

Area: Fitzrovia
4.5 / 5.0

Tuna Nikkei
Octopus Olivo
Beef Pachamanca
Organic Roasted Lamb Rump
Cacao Porcelana Piura


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