Flat Iron

I ADORE this restaurant and not because it always reminds me of my favourite NYC building, but you can get a beautifully grilled steak (with a house leaf salad) for £10! Flat iron steaks are nicely marbled cuts of meat, making them rich in flavour and tender when cooked rare/ medium rare. They’re served pink in the middle with a very slight char on the outside, simply sliced up on a board – its melt-in-the-mouth good!

There was a special onglet steak also available, so we ordered an onglet and a flat iron to share between two with dripping cooked chips, creamed spinach and Fred’s sauce on the side. It was all very moreish and we literally only paused to agree that we should order another steak! Before you judge, the portions sizes at Flat Iron are somewhat elegant, 1.5 steaks each was an ideal amount!

Yes, it’s another no reservations restaurant, but they take your details and you’re free to grab drinks elsewhere until your table is ready, which isn’t hard in Soho. I’ve seen that the most recent special is wagyu tri-tip, so I think a trip back is in order!

Area: Soho
4.8 / 5.0

Flat Iron

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