Queen of the Night

Unlike other immersive theatre shows I have experienced in NYC like Sleep No More and Fuerza Bruta, Queen of the Night provides a truly unique experience, incorporating a royal feast and delicious cocktails into a spectacular show. You’re literally engaged from the second you enter the Diamond Horseshoe until the end of the show with circus style acrobatics, mysterious dares, semi nudity, bartering for food, spoon-fed desserts and if you’re lucky, a long embrace from a performer to finish!!

The feast was impeccably cooked and dramatically presented. With each table having one dish of either seafood such as lobsters or a huge cut of meat like whole leg of lamb or suckling pig, trading between tables was encouraged. I left stuffed and on a high, you really can’t fault this show, it was fantastic! Tickets are cheapest Sunday to Wednesday and I highly recommend going for the lowest priced gala tickets even though they have no assigned seating – these tables are closer to the action and you can easily grab seats together with your friends, just be fast! A five star experience!

Area: Midtown West
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

               QoftN QoftN2 QoftN3

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