London in the Sky

During a weekend in Brussels, whilst taking jumping shots in front of the Atomium, I noticed a table with pilot style seats and a roof in the middle of a field. The table was laid out for dinner and attached to a crane ready for some form of flight! A year later, I discovered the Events in the Sky people were running the same pop up in London for 14 days in September- you’re suspended 25 meters in the air, strapped into a unique sky table for a meal or drinks. The prices were a little steep, ranging from £50 for breakfast to £200 for dinner per person, but I went ahead and booked a Sunday breakfast flight for two. This was going to be an alfresco dining experience like no other!

A few weeks before the booking, they unfortunately had to change the venue from St Katharine Docks to somewhere on South Bank. The views from South Bank are beautiful and the address seemed close to the Thames, so I wasn’t too concerned about the change.

On the day, we checked our bags in as we couldn’t take them on the flight and relaxed in the bright white reception area watching the sky table being prepared. All the staff were very welcoming and attentive, serving us coffees as soon as we sat down and offering blankets for the flight. At 9am we were ushered to the table, safely strapped into our seats and promptly hoisted into the air.

Our chef was Chantelle Nicholson from Tredwells, who to start, served a power house smoothie made from spinach, banana, almond and coconut accompanied by homemade granola with blackberries and coconut mousse. This was followed by a slow cooked egg on layered avocado and chorizo jam on sourdough and we finished with a trio of desserts – salted caramel and chocolate praline tart, gin & tonic cheesecake and yuzu parfait.

                       London in the Sky.3 London in the Sky.4

The coconut theme in the smoothie and granola was distinctive and delicious, as was the chorizo jam. However, I found the desserts a bit too sweet and rich for the morning and struggled to finish them. The breakfast was well cooked and presented on the whole, but I felt there could have been a better sweet and savoury balance.

We were up in the sky for around 30 minutes and the table rotated half-way through to allow us to see views from both sides. We were just able to see some of the main landmarks such as the Shard, St. Pauls, the London Eye, Walkie Talkie building and OXO tower. Unfortunately, as we were situated just back from the river, the surrounding buildings were quite tall and the views were not as breath-taking as I expected…especially given the lucky clear blue skies and sunshine on that day! I did enjoy the experience altogether, but can’t help but think that the original location on St. Katharine docks may have had better and less obstructed views.

Area: South Bank
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0

                 London in the Sky.2 London in the Sky.5

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