Dans Le Noir

Rarely would I be willing to give up one of my senses for the evening, but with the promise of heightened smell, taste, touch and sound to compensate, I overlooked their chaotic website and made a Saturday night reservation. We grabbed drinks in the lit lounge before our waitress took us to our seats in the restaurant (…the size of which you will never know) and it was quick service to the table. I went for the chef’s surprise (white) menu and there was a range of different meats and seafood textures to guess like ham hock terrine. The food was pleasant, but perhaps not reflective of the slightly steeper price.

At first being in the pitch black was quite uncomfortable and I had to suppress my constant need to find a light switch but, guessing the courses, attempting to use cutlery and learning to pour and not spill drinks took over. Unfortunately, the whole evening was dampened by our waitress, who was openly rushing us through our courses. It felt busy and we were requested to finish our drinks back in the lit lounge as soon as dessert plates were cleared. Altogether we were sat eating for under an hour and left feeling very disappointed by the service. Perhaps it was a busy Saturday and a weeknight might be different, but it seemed to have overbooked the evening and for that reason I won’t be returning or recommending this restaurant.

Area: Farringdon
Rating: 1.8 / 5.0

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