Belgian Brasserie

Not fancying another Sunday brunch in a chain restaurant in Wimbledon, we headed to Merton Abbey Mills on my sister’s recommendation. MAM is London’s only riverside village (on the River Wandle) with London’s only working watermill and is a mini hub of independent cafes, restaurants & pubs. Offering sweet AND savoury crepes AND waffles, we were instantly sold on Belgian Brasserie. 11am on a Sunday, the restaurant was half full and we were immediately handed menus and left to choose seats. It was only right to order a savoury and sweet course each so we went for the scrambled eggs & crispy bacon with beans, cheese, garlic mayo and baby spinach crepe followed by a Belgian chocolate and banana waffle and a bagel with smoked salmon & scrambled eggs with baby leaf spinach and Hollandaise sauce followed by a Belgian chocolate and orange waffle.

The stuffed crepe was outstanding- fresh, hot, soft and delicious…a real contrast to the sadly quite heavy and chewy bagel. I had instant regret for not ordering a savoury crepe! Sadly, the waffles came out at the same time as our savoury dishes and were cold by the time we got to them. The Belgian chocolate was rich and creamy, but I found the waffles a little brittle and sprinkled with a bit too much sugar. Overall, I still have to give a 3.8 for this cute creperie – the playlist was excellent, the coffee was good and I will probably be back to check it out in the evening with live music surrounded by fairy lights! Brunch goers, definitely go for the crepes and if you’re battling savoury and sweet, let the waitresses know to stagger your dishes!

Area: Collier’s Wood
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0


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