Alcoholic Architecture

I absolutely loved the CONCEPT of a walk- in cloud of breathable cocktail and was even more delighted to hear that it was gin & tonic. Right next to London’s oldest gothic cathedral on the site of a former monastery, this installation pays tribute to the monks responsible for creating iconic liquors, like Benedictine and Champagne. After a small intro by a flamboyant host dressed as a monk, ponchos were on and we were immediately hyperventilating in the cloud. Apparently absorbing the equivalent of a triple G&T through eyeballs and lungs after 50 mins, I did not (nor did I expect to) feel any buzz. There were other cocktails available at the bar inside, but those I tried left a lot to be desired. Overall, it really was a unique experience…a humid one- you’re not able to see more than a metre in front of you and we left quite sticky (and slightly sweaty!) I wouldn’t return, but go if you fancy seeing what G&T vapour tastes like…or stick to the vapours off a flaming Sambuca!

Area: Borough Market
Rating: 1.9 / 5.0


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